Built-in Modules:

Publish event or industry updates and press releases on your website. All the latest updates are automatically pushed in your website's RSS feed.

Registration Form

GSI Sites allows you to build your own event registration form. Create your own fields and customize your own registration form. Get an email notification when people register online, and export all registrant information to Excel.


Create, publish and promote speakers on your website easily. Simply upload your speaker's picture and biography. GSI Sites takes care of automatically formatting the listing and page layout for you.

Event Programme

Publish the conference/seminar programme in a nicely formatted agenda format. GSI Sites just requires you to key in your information, and automatically takes care of formatting and displaying the information online.

Photo Gallery

Upload pictures to your site, and GSI Sites will automatically resize and crop your pictures to build a nicely laid out gallery. This is a great place to post pictures of your event.


Let visitors know how to get to your event by having a map of your event's location right on your website. GSI Sites automatically integrates with Google Maps.

Social Media

GSI Sites integrates your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube, and more... Just enter your social media IDs, and GSI Sites will do the integration automatically for you.

Why GSI Sites:

Setup your site in minutes

Easy-to-use CMS

Unlimited number of pages

Multilingual Support

Hundreds of templates



Custom domain name

Once you setup a site, you get a FREE URL for your website - eg, http://sites.globalsignin.com/myeventsite. If you have your own domain name, you can get simply configure it to access your website - eg, www.myeventsite.com


Coming Soon - Create your website with GSI Sites. Write your content once. GSI Sites will generate your site not just for desktop browsers, but also for mobile devices! And best of all - it's all automated. No extra work needed on your side.

GSI ConnectTM

Coming Soon - GSI Connect is a Business Matching platform for the MICE industry. GSI Connect allows delegates and exhibitors in conferences and exhibitions to network and setup appointment online. GSI Sites provides a seamless integration with GSI Connect.